2011 Pistols

The original 2011 (or Double Stack 1911) frame surfaced in the late 80s and early 90s, which gave 1911 shooters increased capacity and an appeal like no other. STI, now popularly known as Staccato was the original innovator of the 1911 DS pistol. Due to an increased demand, several manufacturers have created their own inception of the Double-Stack 1911 pistol and have tapped into an ever-growing market. Features that set the 2011 apart for the original 1911 include an increased magazine capacity (usually double from the original 7 or 8 rounds), an undercut trigger guard for a strong purchase, and most 2011 pistols come optic-ready as a standard.

Tisas 1911 Night Stalker DS 9mm Semi-Auto Pistol with Grey Cerakote Finish and Threade

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  • Brand: Tisas
  • Item Number: 1911 B9R NIGHT STALKER DS

Jacob Grey 2011 TWC 9mm Semi-Auto Optic-Ready Pistol

  • $2,379.99
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