Sig Sauer

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  • Founded: 1853 as Swiss Wagon Factory
  • Customer Service:
    (603) 610-3000
  • Address:
    SIG SAUER Inc.
    Customer Service Dept.
    18 Industrial Drive
    Exeter, NH 03833-4557
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Customer Product ReviewP229 Review
5 Star Rating
Sig Sauer P229 40SW / 357 Sig. 12-Round Police Trade-in Magazine
from Austin, TX
Great Condition and fantastic for hitting the range locked and loaded.
Customer Product Review Review
5 Star Rating
Great choice of ammunition.
from Fort Lauderdale, FL
It works great for my Ruger LC9S`;` absolutely awesome to where I wish I bought more which is what Im about to do. Thank you.
Customer Product ReviewP938 Review
5 Star Rating
Awesome concealed carry gun
from Elkville, IL
This is my favorite pistol in my arsenal. I love how easy it is to conceal and how accurate it is to shoot. Great protection piece.
Customer Product ReviewP365 XL Review
5 Star Rating
SIG Sauer delivers once again.
Barry from Clayton, NC
October 30, 2020
Awesome pistol for CC, it is small enough and also shoots most excellent with the 3.7 barrel this is one of my most accurate pistols. I like red dots and this is a nice one, that has the option to turn off or leave on when you think you may be needing it to go. Very little adjustment was needed out of the box as I believe it was preset at the factory. This is only my 2nd SIG Sauer pistol and both are very good shooting machines. The feel is perfect for my hands and I have XL size for gloves when I am shopping. So if you have large hands it may still work for you, but if you have very big hands look around it may be a bit small. I cant say enough about how tight the groups were for my first range trip. A compliment to Sig and how great they make their guns. I would put them up against any other maker anywhere. Sig just delivers on value they dont skimp trying to make some extra dollars. Close up or at a distance this little puppy does it all.
Customer Product ReviewM400 Review
5 Star Rating
Nice and great for the price....
Roi from Dover , NH
October 22, 2020
2 things I don’t really happy but it still great`;` one is heavy trigger and arm guard easy to get hot..... over all`;` great
Customer Product ReviewP226 Review
5 Star Rating
Much better than pictured
Brett from Small town, IA
October 16, 2020
I was fully expecting a real rough Sig but was pleasantly surprised when a good condition albeit still dirty and dusty from the previous owner Sig showed up. My example was a DAO not DAK as I was expecting as was previously reviewed. I will be converting to SA/DA shortly. I will definitely be buying again from SOS. Getting a Sig at nearly half price cant be beat!
Customer Product ReviewP229 Review
5 Star Rating
Great lot of Sig P229 40SW/357 Sig 12 Round Police Trade In Mags
Stan from Austin, TX
October 14, 2020
The magazines were priced right and arrived in good working condition. Very happy with the purchase.
Customer Product Review Review
1 Star Rating
Not happy with quality
Patrick from Chicago , IL
October 11, 2020
Happy with quality because I had this optic on my 9mm pistol AR build. The optic when crazy and literally changed from Dot to circle then back again. Have to return it.
Customer Product ReviewP320 Review
5 Star Rating
Great product at great price
Tony from OKEANA, OH
October 10, 2020
These magazines are hard to find right now during the pandemic. They are even harder to find at a price any less than msrp. Thankful for a company that doesnt take advantage of its customers when most others are. Well done Sportsmans Outdoor Superstore!