Sig Sauer

Company Info

  • Founded: 1853 as Swiss Wagon Factory
  • Customer Service:
    (603) 610-3000
  • Address:
    SIG SAUER Inc.
    Customer Service Dept.
    18 Industrial Drive
    Exeter, NH 03833-4557
  • Website:
Customer Product Review Review
5 Star Rating
Super Good Deal
Probably won't find quality ammo like this at this price anywhere else. Shoots and feeds well. Great self defense round.
Customer Product ReviewP938 Review
5 Star Rating
Great EDC pistol
from Summerville, SC
I’ve had a P938 for several years, and it’s been my carry piece since new. You can buy polymer pistols with more capacity, but the Sig has been completely reliable and has a much better trigger. I always carry a spare mag or two anyway. The night sights are fine, although I had to replace the rear after 3 years because the tritium went dark. I mounted a CT green laser on it, which IMO is the ideal setup for self defense.
Customer Product ReviewP365 SAS Review
5 Star Rating
Perfect everyday carry
from Danbury, CT
The 365 SAS is a great little gun, very easy to conceal weather in your pocket or an IWB holster. I thought the sights would be hard to get used to but within 10 rounds I was hitting the bullseye. Once you line it up it lights up like a Christmas tree. I really like this gun.
Customer Product ReviewP365 Review
5 Star Rating
Perfect backup mag
Joel from Jacksonville, FL
April 5, 2021
Factory mag. Functions great with all ammo I tested. Feels good with the greater grip area. No issues with being dropped many times while running drills.
Customer Product ReviewP320 Review
5 Star Rating
Doesn't get any better
Luis Ortiz from Clearwater, FL
March 21, 2021
I looked for weeks on various sites and in store for my 320RXP and couldn't find it to include this site. I finally called directly and spoke with someone in customer service and she was able to find one in their inventory, she was super friendly and professional she gave me the item number and I looked it up. The whole process was easy. I'll definitely be buying from them again. As for the 320 its easily become my favorite gun, Sig really got it right with RXP, from the way it fits in your hand to the way it performs.... Great gun.
Customer Product ReviewP365 Review
5 Star Rating
Sig Factory Magazines
Phil from Bonita Springs, FL
March 12, 2021
Outstanding performance. Magazines priced right. Ordered and received magazines in 5 days. Cant ask for better than that. Ill shop here more.
Customer Product ReviewP320 Review
5 Star Rating
Great Choice
Michael from Sioux Falls, SD
March 9, 2021
This is the fist weapon that I purchased and fired stock and had no desires to go out and change anything about the weapon, the only con that bugs me is there is no trigger safety but its a minor concern for me otherwise it shoots very accurate and flat. I was able to quickly recover and fire the next round without issues.
Customer Product ReviewP365 Review
5 Star Rating
Great firearm!
Vic from Cassville, MO
March 6, 2021
Perfect gun for either a back up or conceal carry. No issues with it at all.
Customer Product ReviewP365 Review
5 Star Rating
P365M with CT LS250G
Gary from Washington, DC
March 3, 2021
Incredible firearm, insanely fast target acquisition with CT250G! Amazing, concealable, quality, highest praise and Ive carried for over forty-five years!