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Anderson Manufacturing 5.56/.223 AR-15 Lower Parts Kit

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Product Description

  • Lower Components Kit For AM-15
  • Pistol Grip Included
  • BLACK Stainless Steel Hammer & Trigger
  • Kit Includes All Parts To Complete Lower Receiver
  • [Retail Packaged]

Parts included:

  • A: Trigger Hammer Pin-AM98
  • B: Trigger Hammer Pin- AM98
  • C: Disconnect Spring - AM-34
  • D: Hammer Spring - AM-64
  • E: Trigger Spring - Am-99
  • F: Trigger - AM-95
  • G: Disconnect - AM- 33
  • H: Takedown Pivot Pin Detent - AM-92
  • I: Takedown Pivot Pin Detent - AM-92
  • J: Safety Selector Detent - AM-90
  • K: Takedown Pivot Pin Detent Spring - AM-93
  • L: Takedown Pivot Pin Detent Spring - AM-93
  • M: Selector - D2-KO89-001
  • N: Takedown Pin - AM-94
  • O: Pivot Pin - AM-75
  • P: Safety Selector Spring - AM-91
  • Q: Hammer - AM-62
  • R: Mag Catch and Button - AM-68 and AM-69
  • S: Lock Washer - AM-73
  • T: Pistol Grip Screw - AM-74
  • U: Trigger Guard Roll Pin - AM-97
  • V: Mag Catch Spring - AM - 70
  • W: Trigger Guard - AM-96
  • X: Bolt Catch Detent - AM - 12
  • Y: Bolt Catch Roll Pin - AM-13
  • Z: Buffer Detent - AM-18
  • AA: Buffer Detent Spring - AM-19
  • BB: Bolt Catch Detent Spring - AM-14
  • CC: Bolt Catch - AM-11
  • DD: A2 Pistol Grip - D2-K072-A00

Customer Comments & Questions

Customer Reviews

(5 out of 5) Parts
by from Franklin, NH on

Just what the doc ordered.

(3 out of 5) Ok, but wont buy again
by from Gaithersburg, MD on

I bought two of these kits. I do like that each part is laid out in a custom fit plastic tray, but I had some issues when I installed them. The takedown and pivot pins detents were too aggressive. One pivot pin almost couldnt be removed. It too my big hammer and more force than seems proper. I had to trim the detent screw a little and apply lube. The FCG works but just mil-spec and pretty gritty. I will definitely need to replace those. And finally, just a personal preference, the safety lever round front is too big and covers some of the lettering. The mag release doesnt have a rivet like most do and tried to be flush. However, the weld to the screw can be seen as a surface blemish. I prefer the rivet look. Gonna switch those too. Everything works, just not what Im used to seeing.