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Smith & Wesson MP Shield EZ 30 Super Carry Pistol with Manual Thumb Safety

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Product Description

What's in the Box

  • M&P 9 EZ Shield 30 Super Carry Pistol
  • (2) 10 Round Magazine
  • Owner's Manual

Smith & Wesson is excited to introduce their S&W® Shield™ EZ® in a new caliber - Federal® 30 Super Carry™. The Shield EZ pistol features an 10+1 round capacity and a 3.675” barrel, ships with two 10 round magazines that feature a load assist tab for quick, easy loading, as well as a picatinny-style equipment rail to accommodate accessories. The pistol also features an optimal M&P pistol 18-degree grip angle for a natural point of aim, white-dot front and adjustable white-dot rear sights, and a light, crisp trigger!

Firearm Features

  • Easy to rack the slide
  • Crisp, light trigger with tactile and audible reset
  • Includes 2 easy-to-load magazines
  • Ambidextrous Thumb Safety
  • Windage adjustable, white dot rear sight
  • Disassembles without pulling the trigger
  • Grip texture optimized to size and recoil
  • Tactile loaded chamber indicator (TLCI)
  • Picatinny-style rail
  • Perfect size for a nightstand, carry, or a day at the range
  • Reversible magazine release
  • Optimal 18º grip angle for natural point of aim
  • Armornite® durable corrosion-resistant ?nish

Firearm Specifications

  • Manufacturer: Smith and Wesson
  • Model: M&P Shield EZ
  • Caliber: 30 Super Carry
  • Barrel Length: 3.675"
  • Overall Length: 6.8"
  • Finish: Stainless Steel with Armorntie Finish
  • Grips: Polymer
  • Sights: Metal White Dot
  • Magazine Capacity: 10+1

Customer Comments & Questions

Customer Reviews

(5 out of 5) Amazing
by from Mott, ND on

I thought I would give this pistol a try; the price was good, with a rebate and free shipping. I put 100 rounds through this pistol. I wish I could have had this pistol years ago; it is fantastic. It fits my hand like a glove, the recoil is great, and the muzzle flip was good. At 25 yards, I made 2-inch groups with several rounds hitting the same holes. I recommend this gun to everybody, young and old.

(5 out of 5) Highly rated
by from Center, TX on

The S&W 30 SC is a great handgun. I've been to the outdoor shooting range twice with it. Shooting was done at 5 yards and 10 yards, all tight groups to point of aim. Recoil is just under standard 9mm levels. I like the 3.6-inch barrel for better accuracy and recoil control. I also like the slim grip and 10-round capacity, as well as the grip and manual safety. Gun safety is a top priority. The trigger pull was a big plus, estimated at about 4 lbs. No feeding problems after 80 rounds... zero. A recent rebate makes this a great buy. I would recommend it to others. I plan to use Hornady 100 gr ammo for carry.

(5 out of 5) Truly 5 star deserving gun and sale price
by from Birmingham, AL on

At $269 this is a no-brainer. The gun shoots flawlessly, 400 rounds so far, and at the current sale price point of $269 I bought 2. I believe the 30 super carry round has several advantages in terms of ballistics and capacity of 9mm/380/40 and the ergonomics of the gun are great as well. Add in the S&W warranty and I really think you have nothing to lose here, and what you gain is a gun more comparable to those 50-100% more in price. You wont regret it.

(5 out of 5) S & W 30 EZ Super Carry
by from High Rolls, NM on

Admittedly, the sales price on this pistol from SOSS was the most influential part of my decision to buy another EZ. 

I had read the cautious reviews, the press releases and the social media posts, and two of the three said wait and see, new cartridge, unsure future. .. Yes, new cartridges, like the .32 H & R or the .257 Weatherby or the .40 S & W, in their respective days, had to overcome slow acceptance. It will take a while for some shooters to recognize the value of innovation and efficiency for this one, but the potential is strong. The EZ Smiths are very well made, with appealing ergonomics and smart features. I bought one in .380 Auto for my wife because she could rack the slide easily and liked the trigger, even with arthritic hands. I was fully aware of the limited magazine capacity and the mouse gun ballistics of my own Walther PPQ/S and her EZ, but any gun is better than no gun when they are needed most. 

Then SOSS put a sales price on this same EZ platform in 30 SC. An easy decision was made. The ballistic differences at the target are overwhelming in favor of the 30 SC. Heavier bullets, moving faster, create more penetrating power, and deliver improved expansion compared to the .380. Recoil is subjective, but I find it about the same as my M&P 9mm with the same weight bullets, and the kinetic energy is just slightly less than the 9mm round. I think that Federal and S&W have a true winner on their hands and Sportsman's Outdoor Superstore has put it on sale for a bargain price. Ammo is available and reloading dies are priced reasonably from multiple dealers. Brass manufacturers are not yet geared up, so save your empties, but bullets are already on hand as inventory for other .32 caliber guns. I may have to buy another 30 SC for myself when I put the .380 up for sale, barely broken in.

(5 out of 5) Revision of a previous review
by from Mio, MI on

I find I must retract a previous negative review. I had an issue with the pricing on my S&W EZ 30 SC and Heather from customer service got in touch with me and investigated, then explained, some things to make it right! Customer service by its very name and intent, is hard to come by these days. 

Sportsman Outdoor Superstore has got it down solid. Keep up the great work Heather and your team! Ps… still haven’t had time to use and evaluate my new S&W

(5 out of 5) S & W 30SC
by from Wake Forest, NC on

One of the best purchases I've made in a long time, it will not disappoint you.

(5 out of 5) Smooth and crisp
by from Kingston, TN on

My grandson 19 yrs. old put several rounds thru the 30 Super Carry and fell in love with the smooth operation and crisp trigger. He nailed his target with a good tight group. I highly recommend this handgun for anyone looking for a top gun at a very reasonable price. Max

(1 out of 5) Smith and wesson warranty sucks
by from Fort Dodge, IA on

I bought the gun from sportmans outdoor superstore. I did not look at the gun when I pick it up at my ffl dealer. When I finally look at it a piece of the frame was broken. I sent the gun in for warranty they said two or three weeks before I would get it back. They had it in there hand since December 28 I called the today February 22 and they still dont know when they will have it fixed.

(5 out of 5) shoots well
by from cape coral, FL on

bought it for the low price to keep in office, liked the overall quality the 30 cal shoots less recoil than a 9mm, ammo not everywhere but enough is around, liked it well enough to purchase a second one

(5 out of 5) S&W ez shield 30 super carry
by from Kennesaw, GA on

Wonderful pistol in all fashion, quality built, smooth action, great fit in the hands. The 30 super carry caliber is something to be appreciated. In my opinion, this round will give 9mm a run for its money. Recoil of this caliber is much more controllable and seems to be a little bit smoother than the 9mm. Great combination between S&W EZ Shield and the 30 super carry.

(5 out of 5) S & W Shield EZ 30SC
by from New Port Richey, FL on

Great price for this gun. Really like the 30SC round. Very easy to rack the slide.