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Rossi Brawler 45 Colt / 410 Bore Black Single-Shot Handgun with Chest Holster

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Product Description

What's in the Box

  • Rossi Brawler 45 Colt / 410 Bore Black Single-Shot Handgun
  • (1) Chest Rig Holster
  • Owner's Manual
  • Trigger Lock

For when you only need one shot, there’s the Rossi Brawler. You can throw down on anything from rattlesnakes to medium-sized game thanks to the Brawler’s ability to fire either 45 Colt or a 410 shotshell. Plus, with the integrated picatinny rail, you’re also not stuck using one grain weight ammo. You can attach any optic of your choice to the Brawler and zero your point of impact exactly.

This is your next adventure gun. A simple break-action and cross bolt safety give you the same ruggedness as a flint axe. The Brawler’s trigger is another point of simplicity – a single action trigger. Cock the hammer, fire the shot, reload. No messing around with the Brawler. The rubber grip cushions your hand against 410 shotshell recoil from the mildist birdshot up to serious 3 inch 410 bore magnum ammo.

Throw down with the Brawler today, and you’ll be prepared for anything the woods can throw at you.

Note: This Kit includes an across the chest rig holster for the Rossi Brawler.

Firearm Specifications

  • Manufacturer: Rossi
  • Model: Brawler Single-Shot plus Chest Holster
  • Caliber: 45 Colt / 410 Bore
  • Barrel Length: 9"
  • Overall Length: 14.3"
  • Height: 6.3"
  • Width: 1.38"
  • Weight (empty cylinder): 36 oz.
  • Receiver: Steel with Polymer Over Mold for All-Weather
  • Grip: Rubber
  • Barrel Material: Carbon Steel
  • Sights: Iron Sights with Picatinny Rail
  • Safety: Transfer Bar / Cross Bolt
  • Additional Features: Comes with Chest Rig Holster

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