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  • Founded: 1949
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    (603) 865-2442
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    Sturm, Ruger & Co., Inc.
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Customer Product ReviewAR-556 Review
5 Star Rating
Zero complaints
from Otsego, MI
I’ve had this weapon for about a year and a half now. I’ve added a few things to it. It’s never let me down. I put well over 2000 rounds through it without any malfunctions whatsoever. I would definitely buy another one and I would highly recommend this to anyone. I’m glad I got it when I did when it was $569.
Customer Product ReviewSINGLE TEN Review
5 Star Rating
new single ten 22lr
from grand rapids, MN
just love the fiber optic sights, I just cant shoot well with iron sights any more. and the gun is perfect in every way . I think it is as good as a S&W and $450. less
Customer Product ReviewAR-556 Review
5 Star Rating
Ar-15 assult rifle
from Williamsport, PA
Bought this bad boy back 2019 in February was originally 859 or so was on sale for 549 580 after tax shipped super super fast. Placed my order on Monday shipped out Wed arrived Friday ..took home update I made some adjustments and custize it, I've put 500 into accessories well worth every penny.
Customer Product ReviewGP100 Review
5 Star Rating
Roger GP100
Kevin from Jasper, TN
November 2, 2020
I purchased this pistol chiefly because I’ve always wanted a .357 mag. I love this pistol and it is the most comfortable shooting 357 I’ve ever shot. I have purchased my last 3 pistols through SOS and always have remarkable results best price, fast shipping, available. Honestly I’ll probably never use another firearms dealer ever again`;` Sportsmans Outdoor Superstore is the G.O.A.T
Customer Product ReviewLCR Review
5 Star Rating
John from San Antonio, TX
October 23, 2020
Great accuracy, feel, control, balance, and reliability! Great for EDC. Sportsmans Outdoor Superstore has great pricing, excellent delivery & cust. service!
Customer Product ReviewPRECISION RIFLE Review
5 Star Rating
Creedmoor 6.5
Darryl from Chester , MD
October 23, 2020
This rifle is everything i expected. Pure Quality built to perfection. No complaints job well done.
Customer Product ReviewAR-556 Review
5 Star Rating
Best rifle Ive ever had!
Chris from Las vegas, NV
October 22, 2020
This rifle has been 100% reliable. Ive run at least 4000 rounds through it without a single issue! Very precise with a Trijicon 4-16x50, now running a Holosun HS510C. This gun just works.
Customer Product ReviewAR-556 Review
5 Star Rating
A+ rifle
Johnny from Anchorage, AK
October 21, 2020
Aside from the gallon of machine oil cascading out of every crevice of the gun, it works great! P.S. I highly recommend disassembling the rifle to dry up the excess oil. Use this opportunity to learn about the workings of your new firearm.
Customer Product ReviewAR-556 Review
5 Star Rating
Great AR 556
Clifton from Newark, DE
October 15, 2020
This my first AR15 paid $650.00 for it, took it to the range and was very happy with the way it shots, its very accurate and its a very nice looking rifle. Thank you Ruger you made a great rifle..